Free 30 Day Trial
The Canary Singles website has been updated with a fresh look and a variety of new and exciting features for its members. In celebration of these changes, we are offering a free 30-day trial to a premium membership for a limited time. Everyone who registers gets a free 30-day trial in a premium membership. The […]
Happy Couple Fighting with Pillows on Coach
All couples have to compromise and negotiate, but the challenges of building a nest with two chemically injured Canaries gives a whole new meaning to the process. Everything from what foods can be cooked in the house down to what kind of toothpaste and body soap you use must be agreed upon. One thinks that […]
Couple Walking on Path
The many special needs that each chemically injured Canary may have based on their unique sensitivities and limits can make building and/or sustaining a long-term and meaningful relationship quite difficult and negotiation may require some very creative, non-traditional methods. Even when people really care for one another, conflicting needs can become a major roadblock. For […]
Happy, Playful Couple
Healthy and satisfying relationships that can sustain the test of time should be built on shared values, interests, and chemistry. Each of these aspects needs to be present like a cog in a well-running machine. If one is missing, then unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and/or breakup is likely. The most common mistake in couples is the relationship […]